Yay or nay to the e-newsletter

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Wikipedia: A newsletter is a printed report containing news of the activities of a business or an organization that is sent by mail regularly to all its members, customers, employees or people, who are interested in.

I'm in two minds whether there's a value to an e-newsletter anymore.

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Come on. Who reads a wall of text these days? It's all social media today. Twitter for snippets of news with a link is the archetypal enewsletter today. E-newsletters are irrelevant.

Most of today's e-newsletters are links and two-line story summaries at best. There are some I get with headlines with a block paragraph of a story. Social media has shortened attention spans. It's a longer version of Twitter but with more story links and a nicer design.

e-newsletters were useful but today, everything is social media or a news portal. Put a post on Facebook or tweet a link. Investing in an e-newsletter delivered through email is outdated and old-fashioned.

e-newsletters are dead. It's all social media and dynamic content these days.

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Au contraire, monsieur. The e-newsletter is as relevant as ever. Corporates and publications can attract clicks because of reputation, quality content, and catchy headlines. Today the world is content hungry. The more content there is, the more it is devoured by users. If an article attracts ten million or ten clicks, there's value.

e-newsletter content doesn't have to be static, GIFs, embedded video or a mix is lapped up. It's a way to get content alerts to a large audience with the knowledge that some links will be clicked and more stories consumed.

The gigantic social media ecosystem sucks in content from everywhere. An e-newsletter helps to keep the machine turning and is a traffic driver. The valuable content is hosted online on a website, an intranet or behind a paywall.

An e-newsletter is as important as it was a decade ago. They are part of the shareable funnel.