Why Grammarly is a favoured tool for writing

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I find Microsoft Word's spell and grammar checker leaves a lot to be desired.

So I signed up with Grammarly a year ago and use it for checking grammar and spelling. It's handy and easy to use, there's a free and a premium version. I've been happy with it. Exceptionally useful.

The below image is a screenshot of the stats summarising my last twelve months. It appears I've checked* 842,279 words. In a year.

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How much is 842,279? There's a big list at http://commonplacebook.com/. Consider:

All seven Harry Potter books: 1,084,625

Lord of the Rings: 455,125

Oliver Twist: 155,960

20000 Leagues Under the Sea: 138,138

Nineteen Eighty-Four: 88,942

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: 30,644

* Checking is different to writing. In other words, I may have checked the same content twice. Or there was a technical fail.