A potted history

Around 1500 B.C., Egyptians placed a T-shaped bar in the ground and spaced out the day in 12 parts between sunrise and sunset. And time was born.


Jump to between 147 B.C. and 127 B.C, and Greek astronomers suggested 24 segments of even length to make time more precise and covering day and night.


Whiz forwards to 3 April 1973 and, rather than change how time was measured, something happened that impacted time forever. The first mobile phone call (for that's what it was) changed the face of time forever.


Now we could make time so much easier to spend even more so with the commercialization of the Internet in 1995. According to the International Telecom Union, there were 7.2 billion people on earth and yet 60 percent were not using the Internet. 60 percent!



We’re living every second! Bytes come for free in this new age Wi-Fi world and we’re ever more hungry!


We’re more connected and communicating than ever before. We’re pounding out texts, taking and posting photos, tweeting, interacting, forwarding, replying, talking, calling, and making videos. Selfies, messages, links, posts, stories, news alerts; you name it, and we’re sharing it across multiple platforms ever second of the day.