Three Books To Read

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I purchased these books, I did not get them for free, and the authors did not ask for a recommendation or a review. I'm doing this off my own bat. The links to each book are embedded in the title and the author profile is their LinkedIn URL.

Here are the three books. 

The Art of the Smart: How to steer your career by Neal J Horwitz: I met Neal once years ago, connected on LinkedIn, and since then, I try to read everything he posts. Straight to the point, refreshingly, Neal tells how it is.

Mastering Story, Community and Influence: How to Use Social Media to Become a Socialeader by Jay Oatway: Is social media a complete and utter mystery to you? This book will explain the who, the why and the what and more. Go from zero to hero.

Linkedin Mastery for Entrepreneurs by Chris J Reed: Even if you follow a tenth of what's in this book, you'll be ahead of the curve.