LinkedIn stats provide guidance on what to post to increase engagement

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I've used LinkedIn for some time and seen the site go through many, many changes. In the last six months, there's been another overhaul; one that seems to be ongoing.

One feature I find useful is the ability to see stats on how many people have viewed things that I post.

The experience on the desktop is different to mobile and to iPad. In fact, the iPad experience is clunky and not great. There's a feed lag, and it's difficult to navigate. The mobile version has the ability to see how many people have viewed updates posted. It's rudimentary and doesn't always work properly.

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The mobile version says I got 100 views when in fact I had 66 (see below) on mobile but 178 on desktop.

Here are some posts and the difference in views. The difference means inaccuracy and thus hard to understand if a bit of content is popular. I normally post stories I've found that interest me and may interest my network.

China's rugby revolution: $100M mission to grow 'olive ball', CNN

Posted on LinkedIn: 18 January 2017


Desktop: 178 (unable to view any analytics)

Mobile: 66 (can view basic analytics)

iPad: 66 (can view basic analytics)

HK’s FSTB unveils consultation affecting trustees, corp services providers, International Investor

Posted on LinkedIn: 14 January 2017


Desktop: Not available

iOS: 60

iPad: 60

The CEOs on Trump’s Twitter Hit List, Barron’s Asia

Posted on LinkedIn: 11 January 2017


Desktop: Not available

Mobile: 113

iPad: 113

Biggest banks each set to be hit with $200m trading rule costs, Financial Times

Posted on LinkedIn: 10 January 2017



Mobile: 130

iPad: 130

Britain avoids M&A collapse as foreign buyers go Brexit bargain hunting, Reuters

Posted on LinkedIn: 4 January 2017


Desktop: Not available

Mobile: 225

iPad: 225

***UPDATE*** It appears LinkedIn has been overhauled Yet to me it looks and feels like an utter car crash. Awful experience. Worst ever in my opinion.