How to Improve LinkedIn Engagement

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Takeaways to improve engagement, increase post effectiveness and general tips for LinkedIn

1) Post once a week

2) Put a minimum of three hashtags at the end to aid people outside of your network, to find your content

3) Stand out by changing the default blue background on your profile (see my other post on this). It's a fantastic, free way to promote yourself, your company or a cause. It's easy to do.

4) Treat LinkedIn as a wholly-enclosed entity i.e. post content for the platform. By posting content with a link asking people to leave and visit another website, devalues the post in the eyes of the LinkedIn's algorithm.

5) If you want to post content that would take people away from LinkedIn, explain what you are posting and put the link in the first comment. If your post gets many comments, repost the link regularly so people don't need to hunt for it.

6) Like your posts. Doesn't feel right, does it? LinkedIn looks at the popularity of posts by views, shares, likes, and comments.

7) Allied to 5) above. Post videos within the platform.

8) If you've worked at the same place for a number of years, break up your experience into 'achievement' chunks. E.g. Account Manager, 1999. Senior Account Manager, 2001 etc.

9) Tell people what you do in your title in the profile section.

10) I've never found the groups to be useful. The introduction of hashtags allows me to hunt for information on specific subjects is easier than ever before.

11) This is important. Experiment on which posts resonate most with your LinkedIn network and then post more of the same.

12) Post videos of 90 seconds or less. These don't need to be Hollywood productions. Your network will be interested in seeing and listening to what you have to say.

13) Don't be fixated on likes, shares, and comments your posts generate.