Google+ becomes Google-

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Received a wall of text email from Google this week saying Google+ will disappear in April due to underuse. I knew the end was coming but it was nice of them to tell me the service / product was going away

Google+ was on life-support pretty much once they stripped out the totally excellent Google Photos bit. Google Photos is everything I had hoped Apple Photos would become if Apple had actually ever bothered to make an effort.

Mini-rant. The investment and effort made by Apple on Photos and iTunes - both of which get heavy usage from me - is pathetic. iTunes on Mac has become nothing more than a glorified database likewise Photos. Innovation is non-existent. I'd pay for a better product but I expect Apple would rather people buy iPhones (again, nothing special these days) than be arsed about trying to improve the customer experience of their software.

Back to Google+. It tried hard but ultimately wasn't the easiest to use. The big plus (!) was that it helped improve search rankings. It was pitched as an FB killer but it never lived up to even being close. Too clunky to use and lame.

There's an FAQ for those seeking answers here