Built to Last

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I reckon for ever iPhone I've ever purchased, I've had to replace the earphones at least five times. The ability for iPhone earphones to withstand wear and tear, and time itself is poor. They simply are not built to last.

However, here is something that was built to last. Originally designed in 1961, my mother purchased a Flavel Equerry Gas Cooker with Oven Grill and Hob in 1968. It's still going strong after 52 years.

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It's fascinating to me it's lasted so long. It still works (apart from the pilot light). There's nothing wrong with it. It's probably more efficient than comparable newer models.

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It's even listed in the UK Design Council Slide Collection. My search even came up with one sold at auction. But I am unable to find more details. No doubt people discovered that products that lasted a long time, didn't make sense commercially.

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I read an excellent book recently about products built to last (in the olden days) and how consumerism impacted the product life cycle. Well worth reading. Secondhand