18 ways to leverage Twitter 

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My take on what to do and what not to do on Twitter. I've been tweeting since 2009; not saying that makes me an expert but I've picked some bits and pieces over the years. I keep adding to this list as I think of more.

1) Variety

Make sure the content is different for every account. There are times when the accounts will need to tweet the same message but there should be a delay between sending each tweet.

Why? Because it's tiresome for people who follow all the accounts to read the same message. Plus if each account is repeating the other, what exactly is the point?

2) Self-Promotion

Make sure there's at least one tweet a week of outright promotion for your company but framed with an interesting kicker. For example: #didyouknow XYZ has service centres in 180 countries operating all day every day.

3) Wall of Tweets

These are accounts where it's deemed acceptable to line up a series of tweets and launch them all in one go. The result is a wall of tweets. If that happens, I follow the main account and bin the others.

4) Restricted Content

If there's a link to content only accessible to customers with a password or paywalled, give a warning in the tweet.

5) Are you Human?

Alienate by tweeting your own stuff forever and ever. Amen. Or, tweet and share content from others and be real.

6) Keep the Shop Open

If a Twitter account is being run with the objective of answering customer questions, don't close it down because you're going to bed. Keep it open.

7) Fresh

Keep the info fresh. Check the profile, photo, description, and colour scheme. Review every six months.


8) Why Click on a Link?

Why did you read a story and tweet it? What made you read it? Why should others read it? Say it.

9) Credit

Whenever possible, include the account the linked-to article appears and the author account. Be careful. Twitter accounts don't always match the source. E.g. @verge and @theverge..

***UPDATE*** #2

10) Retweet

Retweet a tweet that is relevant to what you do.

11) Read Before Retweeting

Read the article, check the link is working, add a comment as to why you find it interesting.

12) Quid Pro Quo

If someone has retweeted your stuff, follow them. Retweet their stuff if you can.

13) Direct Messages

Don't set up an auto-thanks for the follow; it's redundant. Answer direct messages if they are a genuine question about your business.

14) Profile

URL, contact information, what the company does.

15) Be Afraid

Twitter is an open platform. If your tweet is retweeted, other people will get to see it. As the old Brit safety advice went, "Clunk, click every trip' meaning do up your seat belt before you drive. The same can be applied to tweeting. Check spelling, check it makes sense, check it's not going to cause offence, check you've packed everything in, check you've account checked, check you've got the hashtag in, check the link works. Check again. Go forth.

16) Follow

Follow everyone that it is connected to your industry sector. Read what they tweet.

17) Be Smart

It's easy to suffer a major humour bypass on Twitter often with catastrophic results, Understand what's being said and answer.

18) #ICYMI

I use the hashtag 'In Case You Missed It' when I'm tweeting stories that are a few days old.